Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Information overload

Is there something like too much cricinfo? Is it true that every Indian male is obsessed with this site and checks out the stats of cricket players all day? Do they keep F5ing away in the browser(not ready to wait for 65 secs) in cricinfo, and keep a rediff scorecard open in the next tab, because the latter refreshes more quickly? And then browse through prempanicker's blog for further analysis and buzz?

I wonder what will happen when the IPL starts!

Monday, March 24, 2008


Sometimes life can really suck... the fairer sex may get knocked up inadvertently, and other half may find out that they knocked someone up inadvertently. You feel so screwed that you need to barf every minute(and that's not just because of the six pounder in the belly). In times of crises like these, it matters to have a clear head and a 'real' dose of practicality around ... that could be your own brain, maybe that of your best friend etc ... but finally what matters is to listen to your heart.

I think Juno is a such a breather of fresh air in the teenage-pregnancy-boohoo world that is mostly depicted. The first impression of Juno(Ellen Page) is that she's just a smart-ass wisecracking girl, with the eclectic taste of an underground indie artist. But there is more to her; her maturity in taking such important decisions, her ability to cut the crap and solve the problem at hand. Her parents also depict a portrait of how parents should be portrayed, the calm-headed attributes that Juno has clearly inherited.

And then there is her love for Pauli(Michael Cera of Superbad and Arrested Development fame) which is so true, "You're so cool and you don't even have to try". The 'song' ... two people in love, playing together the song of their life in perfect synchrony of their heart beats(!).

The other important aspect of this movie that struck me was Mark's character, to never forget your passions in life and always think through any decision that you make in life.

A thousand words from me cannot do justice to such a beautiful film, need I say more?