Thursday, April 03, 2008


Check out this short film by Jason Reitman:

Now if that was funny and preposterous and ridiculously unrealistic, then check out this article:

WOMEN should have to sign a contract before sex to combat false rape allegations, if proposed new laws are passed in South Australia, an MP says.

"Perhaps this parliament could devise a contract which men could carry around in their pocket, next to their condoms," she said during a speech to Parliament.

"There could be a waiver should a man meet up with a woman who has had a couple of drinks before they engage in sexual intercourse.

"The contract may contain the name and address of the women, with her driver's licence number, so that the man can see the signatures match, clauses that state that the woman has or has not been drinking or taking drugs – licit or illicit – and that she consents to foreplay."

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Just for curiosity's sake, the title of this blog comes from this video:

The monk who sold his soul for a ferrari

I don't get why people dig Robin Sharma, DeepakChopra and others of their ilk. All that they do is preach simplicity, austerity and other virtues that are really hard to follow. And I bet they're laughing their way to their swiss banks("So long, suckers!") , while the masses attempt 'yogic levitation' for 5 hours a day.

Here's a better philosophy: Life is an orange.

Chew on this, Robin!