Thursday, January 01, 2009

Airport Cliches?

You know those movies which begin and end in an airport? There are times when you think you've felt and seen it all. But then you visit an airport for real and watch ...

A wheelchair bound paraplegic grandmother sending off her beloved grandson amid crying family members, one of whom is recording the moment on a Sony Handycam.
A gaggle of college students saying goodbye to one of their members who is departing for his graduate studies.
A visibly pregnant woman tearfully bidding farewell to her husband who may not be able to make it for the birth of their child.
The security guard who allows the little girl to bypass the security barriers so that she can hug all her cousins once more.

And of course when one of your own loved ones has to leave for a country an ocean away, there is but a lump in your throat. They say that distance lends fondness to the heart, and it is at the moment of parting that all those wretched cliches turn out to be for real.

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